Meet the Instructors

Gary and Terry Holmes began teaching Ballroom dance in 1979 and have been teaching in the Denver area since 1992. They are both certified instructors, dance directors, and teach both the American and International styles of Rhythm and Smooth. In addition, they are both proficient instructors of all forms and styles of swing dance including Country. During their years as competitors, they danced a variety of styles, however, their primary competitive interest was the American Smooth where they won a number of regional titles and placed as finalists on a National level.

Although no longer involved in professional competition, both Gary and Terry compete with their students on a Pro-Am basis. They enjoy working with both beginning and advanced students and believe, above all, that learning to dance should be a fun and uplifting experience. Gary and Terry also believe that every student can learn to dance regardless of age, experience or physical abilities. They look forward to sharing this unique and exhilarating experience with each student.

 Gary and Terry share the philosophy that what the student wishes to learn is always more important than what they wish to teach, therefore, they strive to personalize each lesson and program to the student’s needs and desires. Through this “partnership in learning” approach, Gary and Terry have delighted in the accomplishments of their students. They look forward to instructing and sharing the joy of dancing with many others for years to come.


Hugh Rowe began his dance career as a student of Argentine Tango.  He quickly fell in love, and soon after expanded his repertoire to include Ballroom and Latin styles as well.  Hugh is a Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA) certified instructor, teaching all styles and levels of social and competitive dance in both our youth and adult dance departments.