Are You Taking the Easy Way Out?

An artist will take months to paint a masterpiece. An author will take years to write an award-winning novel. An athlete will take a lifetime to train themselves to their full potential. These great aspirations take time and effort and energy. With one bad stroke of a paintbrush, one missing piece of an idea, one wrong move for an injury, it can all be undone. They must start over, or worse, it’s lost forever…

Destruction is so much easier than creation, hesitancy easier than commitment, giving up easier than moving forward, guarding ourselves easier than trusting others. Why do we shy away from greatness? Why are we afraid to reach for our dreams? Because we feel that putting ourselves out there, to make an effort to try, makes us vulnerable. Knowing how easily our endless efforts can be undone is daunting, but we need those fears and struggles in order to appreciate our accomplishments; those rare moments when we’ve created something beautiful, when we’ve committed to something worthwhile, when we’ve moved forward towards something we want, something great and when we’ve opened ourselves up to another and weren’t let down. It doesn’t always work out the way we hoped, but when it does, it’s magnificent, it’s magical and that’s when we find ourselves truly living. When we truly live, we inspire others to do the same.

One of my favorite quotes and eye openers by Zig Ziglar: “We deny our talents and abilities, because to admit them would commit us to using them.” We are more often afraid of achieving success than we are of succumbing to failure. So take a leap of faith. Inspire someone. Do something for yourself, something more, not just what’s expected of you. Ask yourself: Are you taking the easy way out?


Written by Hugh Rowe

Edited by Kimberly Wong