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Featuring Mike and Susan Canham

Mike and Susan Canham

A poem written by Mike Canham for Susan Canham

Christmas Poem – 2015

In the partners frame all do embrace,

What felicity, glee, and amazing grace.

Viennese waltz is beautifully smooth,

Practice with gusto to get the groove.

The waltz is danced at one, two, three,

Up and down the rhythm to be.

Swirls and twirls to show case her style,

Beauty, elegance, that make all smile.

As we age with aches and pains,

Continue to dance and make some gains.

In the ballroom all are nice,

As a couple it adds spice!

So flirting, caresses, and with a hug,

Off to dance we together tug.

Joyful and happy full of zest,

WE simply wish to be the other’s BEST!

Oh, to dance with my sweet heart,

In my arms and not far apart,

Softly moving across the floor,

Dance all night and still want more.

When first married and reluctant to dance,

She had trepidation why take a chance!

Considered at first the “salsa a relish”,

Something her soul mate could taste and embellish.

Fast approaching Steve’s wedding came,

Dancing lessons – “I think am game”.

Off to the studio with Terry and Gary,

Mixed emotions from excited to scary

One, two, three, four,

Start with Fox Trot – wait there’s more!

Slowly, quick – quick turn around,

Oh, there’s music, listen to the sound.

On to Rumba and Cha-Cha too,

She’s the enchantress I wish to woo.

Learning patterns with lots of flounce;

Feet keep moving she’s got the bounce!

Off to find perfect dancing shoes,

Only the best to make her moves.

Twists and turns with hippy swings,

Happy memories of courting brings.

Break, ballet, and belly dancing,

All those charms are joy enhancing.

Cuddle, snuggle, and yes the squeeze;

I wish this hoofing were a breeze.

At writing poems I am not a master,

And sometimes dancing it’s a disaster.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too,

It’s another year and I love you!






Featuring Debbie and Gary Gilliard


We started ballroom dancing in 2005 when the social director for Gary’s Rotary club set up private group lessons for members.  Debbie saw the announcement, convinced Gary to give it a try, and the rest is history.  We participated in the Rotary club group lessons over the summer and when those were completed we began taking private lessons at TGDanzport.  We have completed and checked out of the advanced silver program in 6 dances: Waltz, rhumba, chacha, foxtrot, swing, and tango.  We are now working on the gold program in these dances.  Our favorite dance is the waltz and the Viennese waltz, but we enjoy all of the different dances.

We participated in a dance competition, but decided the choreographed performances suit us better.  We participate in group formations at the studio that owner, Gary Holmes, choreographs.  These are performed at the studio showcase (held each fall) and at local dance competitions/events held in January, March, and June each year.  We also perform a solo dance at the studio showcase each year.

Dancing has allowed us to find an activity that we both enjoy and can do together.  We have made some great friends at the studio and often get together for dinner or to attend local events, and we even go on vacations together. Our instructor, Val, has been perfect for our style of learning.  She has a lot of patience and a great sense of humor.   Yes, dancing requires a lot of laughing!!!!

Featuring Mary Ann Malone


I am in my 5th year of ballroom dance lessons at TG Danzport and I can say without a doubt it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I have always enjoyed dancing and hadn’t taken lessons since I was a child and I really wanted to know what I was doing on the dance floor. I take private lessons, classes and have been in some of the competitions and shows which has all defintely improved my skills and confidence but the best part of dancing is how much fun I have and the great support from everyone at the studio, all the teachers and all the students as well. Everyone has been extremely encouraging from the beginning and throughout my experience here and I have found when I am dancing I am truly happy. So I have a lot of fun and I’m truly happy with really nice people, what more could you ask for!!

Mary Ann Malone

International Natural Energy LLC

Featuring Chuck & Debbie Graham…

Chuck and Debbie Graham

Debbie and I met country western dancing and have been dancing ever since. We started ballroom at TGDanzport in 2005 after shopping several south area studios. The TGDanzport studio was the best fit for us because we like the staff and the friendships we have developed with other students.

As we all age, we need to find things to do that are physically demanding, mentally challenging and broaden us socially. Dancing is a triple hit. It is physical and can be as demanding as you want it to be. Mentally, it’s a challenge as it is new and so very different from the office grind, and I get to do it with my wife in my arms while engaging with friends who are completely outside our work, neighbors or church circles.

In addition to our lessons, coaching lessons and master classes at TGDanzport, we have attended several ballroom dance camps, including classes at Colorado Star Ball and the BYU dance camp to accelerate our learning. This has given us an opportunity to dance with other people from all over the planet who are just regular folks like us.

We just completed our final silver level in the six most popular dancing in the fall 2013. We are now working on other dances like Samba, Quickstep and West Coast Swing. If you are new to dancing, do not be discouraged. Everyone in the studio has been in your shoes at some point and after bronze two, the moves get very cool and it becomes really fun….Enjoy the journey!

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